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Last year I discovered I would inherit my grandmother’s beautiful house. When I was a child, I made many fond memories in this cozy, rural home. When I learned the home would be mine, I immediately started planning future renovations. The first thing I decided to do was make the half bathroom a full one. At the time, the home only had one full bathroom. Do you and your family members argue over who gets to use the one bathroom in your house? Consider hiring a contractor to build an additional bathroom onto your home. An experienced contractor can help you determine if you need a three, four, or even five piece bathroom. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of hiring a contractor to build an addition onto your home.

What To Do When Your Brand-New Auto Glass Becomes Damaged

Sometimes you just want to paint a bull's eye on the nearest wall and right "bang head here" right below it, right? That is probably how you are feeling after you just replaced your windshield a few days ago, and the glass is damaged again. So, what do you do now? What can you do? When things like this happen to auto glass, you should call your auto glass service right away. Then do the following.

Check to See If the Glass Can Be Replaced for Free

Some auto glass shops are willing to replace a windshield for free if something goes wrong within the first "x" hours or "x" days. Clearly, you fall within that time requirement, but there is still the question of whether or not this next replacement meets other criteria. At the very least, it is worth asking about, even if your damaged windshield does not meet the auto glass shop's damage requirements for a free replacement.

Faulty Glass Has a Warranty

In the event that the auto glass shop determines that there is a factory fault in the glass (it does happen), then the warranty from that glass manufacturer applies. That is good news because if you could not get a replacement under the shop's rules for free glass, you at least get it free under the manufacturer's warranty. Be sure to ask about the warranty on the glass before the shop technicians begin their work so that they can ascertain if the problem is the manufacturer's fault.

What to do if the Damage Is Caused by Someone Else's Carelessness

In the event that the damage was caused by someone else's carelessness and/or recklessness, you can ask that person to pay for the replacement windshield. If he/she says no or is uncooperative, make sure you get a police report. Then take the bill or estimate and the police report to small claims court. You should not have to pay for a second windshield in under a week when the first one was damaged by some careless/reckless person.

Check with Your Insurance Company

If your deductible is not too high, your insurance company may pay for this second windshield replacement. You will have to supply the insurance company with the bill from the windshield you installed the week before so that they can see that this is just one of those out-of-the-ordinary events. If the insurance company will pay for it, you have to wait for them to cut the check before replacing the glass.

Contact an auto glass service for more information.