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Adding a Bathroom

Last year I discovered I would inherit my grandmother’s beautiful house. When I was a child, I made many fond memories in this cozy, rural home. When I learned the home would be mine, I immediately started planning future renovations. The first thing I decided to do was make the half bathroom a full one. At the time, the home only had one full bathroom. Do you and your family members argue over who gets to use the one bathroom in your house? Consider hiring a contractor to build an additional bathroom onto your home. An experienced contractor can help you determine if you need a three, four, or even five piece bathroom. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of hiring a contractor to build an addition onto your home.

Foundation Repair Addresses A Variety Of Issues

Foundation repair is a tricky subject. Foundation issues can result in everything from visible cracks to very serious red flags that demonstrate something very wrong with your home.

If you suspect that you have issues with your foundation, it is important that you address them right away. Any moment you spend ignoring foundation issues is another moment your home could be facing dangerous damage.

What Are the Signs of Foundation Issues?

One of the first signs people take note of in a foundation is the cracks and gaps in the walls, floor, or foundation. Foundation issues also include water-based concerns, including damp crawl spaces, standing water surrounding the foundation, and visible water damage.

Some signs of problems can be spotted without ever leaving the living spaces of your home. For instance, you might have uneven floors, sagging floors, or doors that no longer close correctly. You can even spot a gap between the bottom of your garage door and the cement it is supposed to meet.

What Are the Issues that May Arise?

Then, there are the common foundation issues homeowners may actually experience. Often, water damage is the root cause of central issues. In many of these cases, the issues begin with the roof. Gutters and other parts of the home can actually lead water right to the base of the home, for instance.

Sometimes these issues are the result of soil changes that occur. A shifting home could lead the foundation to sink a bit, which means that your home may require more security and support. For instance, you might need a pier set in place to address uneven floors and other issues (like those cabinet doors that do not want to shut).

A foundation that is crumbling may require more drainage around the home. Injections can fill in the cracks, and sometimes it is important to put up barriers.

Of course, in some cases, you may need extensive repairs. Your foundation holds up the rest of your home, and you may realize that your home is in serious danger. The good news is that a repair technician can address them right away.

What Should You Do About Foundation Issues?

Whether you noticed foundation issues on your own or you had a home inspector spot foundational issues, you should hire a foundation repair professional to take a look at the problems. Make an appointment today to learn more about addressing the needs of your home, beginning from the ground up.