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Adding a Bathroom

Last year I discovered I would inherit my grandmother’s beautiful house. When I was a child, I made many fond memories in this cozy, rural home. When I learned the home would be mine, I immediately started planning future renovations. The first thing I decided to do was make the half bathroom a full one. At the time, the home only had one full bathroom. Do you and your family members argue over who gets to use the one bathroom in your house? Consider hiring a contractor to build an additional bathroom onto your home. An experienced contractor can help you determine if you need a three, four, or even five piece bathroom. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of hiring a contractor to build an addition onto your home.

Protect Your Asphalt Against Extreme Weather

Asphalt is a popular choice for paving. It's durable, economical and easy to maintain. However, harsh weather conditions can cause damage and increase maintenance costs. So how does extreme weather affect your asphalt paving and how should you care for it? Heavy Rain Rain has little effect on asphalt paving as this is designed to drain water away from high traffic areas. There is also a porous variety that draws water through the surface and into the water table. Read More 

Does Your Well Water Pump Need To Be Repaired? Find Out Now

It is important to make sure that your water pump is working as well as it can all of the time. Should you find that it is starting to malfunction, you will need to quickly call for the assistance of a water pump repair and replacement technician. Understanding the following signs of water pump problems will help you know when it is time to call for help: Loud Noises Have Started Becoming Noticeable Read More 

Considerations For Choosing An Awning For Your Backyard

If you want to increase the usable outdoor space in your backyard but don't want the hassle or cost of building a pergola or patio cover, then an awning is a great alternative option. Awnings are sold in a variety of different fabric types, designs, and functionalities to meet your needs and match the existing paint and style of your home. However, before you start shopping for the perfect awning for your backyard, first you need to know what your options are. Read More 

The Most Expensive Commercial Permitting Mistakes

When you will begin the construction of a new commercial building in a county you have not constructed a building in yet, you may come across some unexpected commercial permitting issues, especially if you are not using commercial permitting services. Being aware of these potential issues can help you avoid them: Not Anticipating Delays It is important to allow for plenty of time before beginning the construction process to allow for research, analysis, and inspections. Read More 

3 Pieces Of Traffic Control Equipment And Why They Are Important During Highway Construction

Highways and roadways are already dangerous with so many vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed in the same space. Throw in the variable of roadwork and you have the recipe for a potential disaster. The fact is, accidents during road construction and repairs are a real possibility, which is why if you are the manager of such a project, you have to do all you can to keep drivers in the area safe. Read More